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Orbital Launches in the First 3 Months of 2023

The global orbital launch report prepared for the first quarter of 2023 by the analysis and engineering firm called BryceTech is remarkable*. SpaceX is in such a dominant position in the data of this report that in order to evaluate the world space flight market, it may be better if it is excluded from the statistics and evaluated in a different category. In the first quarter of 2023, SpaceX 23, CASC (China) 12, Roscosmos (Russia) 6, Rocket Lab 3, JAXA (Japan) and ISRO (India) 2 and 5 other companies or states have carried out one orbital launches. In terms of launch numbers, SpaceX is by far the first. But if we look at the statistics of the number of satellites carried into space and the total payload, the graphs get interesting. The difference is enough to necessitate logarithmic representation. SpaceX launched 763 satellites, while ISRO, in second place launched 39, and CASC 31 satellites. Virgin Orbit 8, Rocket Lab 6, Roscosmos 6 satellites launched and other launchers followed wi

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